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CryptoHero Podcast #3: Electronic Circle Jerk

Is bitcoin the “Mark of the Beast?” Some in the precious metals community seem to think so. Chris Duane, a bullion dealer and documentarian, challenged crypto advocates to defend their investment. We address the highlights of his lunacy on this episode of the CryptoHero Podcast!

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Topics discussed this episode include:

  • Is Bitcoin a ponzi scheme? And if it is, what investment isn’t? Do all investments require a “greater fool”?
  • What purpose does mining serve? Is it merely an “electronic circle jerk”?
  • Why understanding plain Jane databases is imperative to understanding blockchain
  • Is creating an open-source, forkable protocol to “enslave humanity” a good idea?
  • Is bitcoin a CIA created “Mark of the Beast” currency? (tl;dr, probably not).

All that and a whole lot more discussed within! Jake’s work can be found here. The intro and outtro music used is Hooplah by Limes. For those brave (and patient) enough to listen to the entirety of Chris’s 30-minute anti-crypto tirade, you can do so here.

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