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CryptoHero Podcast #2: Dangerous Wallets

Storing coins on an insecure wallet client can be just as dangerous as keeping them on an exchange. On Episode 2 of the CryptoHero Podcast, Jake and I lament about our poor experience with the light wallet client Jaxx, our journey as hobbyist miners, and much more!

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Topics discussed this episode include:

  • A review of the multi-coin wallet client Jaxx (tl;dr – it’s bad)
  • Becoming a hobbyist miner for fun and profit
  • Misconceptions on crypto security
  • A brief discussion of the Certified Bitcoin Professional program
  • On developing skills and multiple streams of income to survive in the post-2008 economy
  • …and a whole lot more!

All that and more discussed within! Thanks for listening. Jake’s work can be found here. The intro and outtro music used is Hooplah by Limes. We also discuss the theft of $400,000 worth of coins from Jaxx – that article can be found here.

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