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CryptoHero Podcast #1: Genesis Block

Welcome to’s inaugural podcast – our Genesis Block. Join myself and co-host Jake Counts of We Are Not Cattle Radio as we introduce ourselves and the value we hope to add to the budding cryptocurrency space.

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Topics discussed this episode include:

  • Personal introductions – how we came to cryptocurrencies and where we see them headed
  • ICOs as scams – is Ethereum vaporware?
  • Bitcoin regulation – what does it all mean?
  • Our altcoin mining ventures
  • Cryptoanarchy and cypherpunk roots of bitcoin
  • The pitfalls – can supranational institutions utilize blockchain against humanity?

All that and more discussed within! Thanks for listening. Jake’s work can be found here. The intro and outtro music used is Hooplah by Limes. We also discuss an interview with Bitcoin Uncensored host Chris DeRose – that conversation can be found here.

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